Mediation & Trial Exhibits

Pain Management injection videos are extremely demonstrative legal exhibits that effectively illustrate a patients commitment to coping with constant debilitating pain on a daily basis. Our comprehensive series of 10 common pain management injection procedures are performed by a board certified pain management doctor and are medically correct in every way. These high quality 4K and HD presentations are the gold standard of pain management injection therapies used for educating a jury or insurance adjuster with great success.

For your convenience and cost effectiveness we have each video for sale individually or you can purchase the complete series. We also have individual photos for sale to use with PowerPoint and other visual media presentations . After your confirmed purchase you and all the other attorneys in your firm will have the rights to use these extremely powerful exhibits for their cases.  A picture is worth thousands of words and our pain management videos are worth millions. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our office and as always.. “Our focus is to increase the value of your cases.”


Forensic Video Law's work was instrumental in taking the case out of the ordinary into the extraordinary. The humanity they brought out really touched the adjuster and made a big difference.

Paul S. Boone

I have been working with James for over 20
years and if you need professional high quality
documentation of pain management procedures
for your legal case this is the company to use. 

Chris Roberts, M.D.

James is a true professional who always gets the job done. His insights, decades of experience and professionalism add value to each case.

Robert F. Spohrer

Forensic Video Law is my double-edged sword and their unique perspective gets real results.

Edward V. Ricci